LSR International is a leading independent equity research company located in the Amsterdam metropolitan area. The firm has an exclusive focus on the life sciences industry. Its services include writing high-quality independent non-sponsored and fundamental equity research reports on a selection of public life sciences companies. Reports are distributed among specialized and institutional investors.

Soft boundaries in the selection process include:

a) firms with a small market capitalization

b) firms that have their main business located in the nearby region, namely Northwestern Europe

c) firms that have their main business within LSR´s area of expertise, namely the discovery & development of novel therapeutics

LSR always values the opportunity to sit and talk with the management team before initiating coverage.

Examples of published equity research reports can be found on the major research aggregators.

Investor Base

LSR´s equity research reports are dispersed via the major research aggregators and via direct mailing. Effectively, published reports reach over 80% of the primary targeted audience in Europe and North-America.

The investor base can be subdivided by region and by type (ref. diagrams below).

Source: download data, feedback from research aggregators (2017).


Equity Research Analyst Life Sciences

Huub Verschueren

 CEO and Founder of Life Sciences Research International.


  • Education: MSc Financial Economics, pass Level I and Level II of the CFA curriculum

  • Experience: Equity research analyst with an exclusive focus on the life sciences industry since 2006

  • Awards: Thomson Reuters Industry Analyst Awards 2008, Top Stock Picker Biotechnology (#3)

The LSR team consists of 3 finance professionals.

The team brings over 40 years of combined experience in research and investments. 



Following MiFID2, which went into effect in January 2018, LSR reports on the performance of its equal weight basket of public life sciences companies vis-a-vis the Nasdaq Biotechnology Index (NBI) on a semi-annual basis, measured in USD.

Companies that are considered to be undervalued on the basis of LSR´s fundamental analysis will be added to LSR Fund I. Companies which are no longer considered to be undervalued or on which no research has been published for a period of 12 months will no longer be part of LSR Fund I. LSR Fund I is a fully invested fund.

Performance LSR Fund I vis-a-vis NBI.png

Note: portfolio analysis started on December 14th 2017 rather than on January 1st 2018 due to the publication of certain equity research reports.


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